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Grange Park, Northampton
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Tel: 01604 702938

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Latest News

Tumble Tots - early bird offer

Tumble Tots - early bird offer

Posted: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 10:49 by Pete Sansom

Please see the attached advert for an early bird offer at Tumble Tots for January 2020.

Northampton bus services : 7/7A/7B and 11/11A

Posted: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 13:20 by Pete Sansom

As shown below, Stagecoach are revising service 7 (Grange Park – town centre – Moulton Park / Moulton) on Sunday 3rd November, by withdrawing the section between Grange Park and the town centre. Furthermore the bus company are introducing new service 7A (Town centre – Weston Favell), which will provide a quarter hourly service between the town centre and Broadmead Avenue in conjunction with service 7. Service 7B (Town centre – Broadmead Avenue – Moulton) will continue to operate on Sundays : More »

The Grange Park – Wootton – town centre section (currently served by service 7) will be covered by new service 11 / 11A as shown below, with service 11 serving Hardingstone and service 11A serving Waitrose, Wootton :

Please contact John Ellerby (+44(0) 1604 364344) if you require further information about these commercially-operated bus services at this stage. » Less

Winter Gritting 2019/2020

Posted: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:30 by Pete Sansom

Northamptonshire's 22 gritters are now officially on standby for when the cold weather hits, and they have new names too.

In preparation for the cold weather Northamptonshire Highways held their winter service induction at the weekend alongside the gritting teams from the three depots in Brixworth, Towcester and Wellingborough which are now fully stocked with tonnes of salt ready to spread. More »

The 2019/20 winter will see gritting routes reinstated across the county following a short reduction in the service last year. This will ensure that as many roads as possible are kept safe and free of ice and snow and means that, at 43% of the network, Northamptonshire has one of the longest gritting routes in the country and will include every parish in the county having a gritted route in and out to ensure villages remain connected.

1500 grit bins have been filled and is for everyone to use on public roads and footpaths. As stocks run low people can report bins that need refilling via our Street Doctor service

As the team have been getting ready, residents from across Northamptonshire have been sending in their suggestions to name the gritters.

Nearly 1000 names were suggested by members of the public via Twitter and email following an appeal in September. The 22 successful names have been chosen by the council's winter team and gritter drivers. The full list of name will be prreleased very soon, and will be painted on the gritters.

The team is proud to be able to keep Northamptonshire safe and moving during the winter. It's worth noting many drivers have put in over 20 years into the service and one chap in particular is now in his 60th season. A true hero of the service.

The gritting teams work hard to keep the county moving during the winter, with 24 hour monitoring from now right through to April.

Do not be alarmed if you see our gritters out in the next week or so. We always carry out a dry run, especially as we welcome new drivers and changes to the routes.

We're making sure that we are ready to respond when the cold weather arrives. Keeping the county moving during the winter is a huge task and we have to be ready to tackle whatever weather we get.

The definitive map showing the routes can be found at this link: » Less